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One of the best ways to get your daily dose of French is to read in French. Read articles, books, notes, news and any other texts that you enjoy.  You will improve your French reading comprehension a lot. In this post, you will discover great and free french readings to learn French for beginner and intermediate levels. Enjoy these French readings!


Readings Level 1

  1. Reading 1: À la ferme:
    Lecture 1: À la ferme.
  2. Reading 2: My family:
    Lecture 1: Ma famille.
  3. Reading 3: Coco Chanel:
    Lecture 2: Coco Chanel.
  4. Reading 4: Disney's characters:
    Lecture 3: Les personnages de Disney
  5. Reading 5: Lolo and Lili:
    Lecture 5: Lolo et Lili
  6. Reading 6: French cheese:
    Lecture 4: Les fromages français

Readings Level 2
(French Made Simple)

Reading 1: Who is Mr. Brown?
Lecture 1: Qui est Monsieur Brown?

Reading 2: The family of Mr. Brown
Lecture 2: La famille de Monsieur Brown

Reading 3: At Mr. Browns office
Lecture 3: Au bureau de Monsieur Brown

Reading 4: In the living room of Mr. Brown
Lecture 4: Dans le salon de Monsieur Brown

Reading 5: What time is it?
Lecture 5: Quelle heure est-il?

Reading 6: The good French kitchen
Lecture 6: La bonne cuisine Française

Reading 7: What a bad weather!
Lecture 7: Quel Mauvais Temps!



Readings Level 2

  1. Reading 1: The house
    Lecture 1: La maison 
  2. Reading 2: The special autograph
    Lecture 2: L'autographe spécial 
  3. Reading 3: Dad knows everything
    Lecture 3: Papa sait tout 
  4. Reading 4: My decisions
    Lecture 4: Mes décisions

Readings Level 3-4

1. Reading 1: The guillotine
Lecture 1: La guillotine
2. Reading 2: A new career
Lecture 2: Une nouvelle carriere
3. Reading 3: The Story of Snow White
Lecture 3: L'histoire de Blanche-Neige
4. Reading 4: 10 good resolutions for the new year
Lecture 4: 10 bonnes résolutions pour le nouvel an
5. Reading 5: Boundin'
Lecture 5: Saute mouton

Reading Comprehension exercises

  1. Who is Mr. Brown - Test:
    Qui est Monsieur Brown - Test
  2. Mr. Brown's Family - Test:
    La famille de Monsieur Brown - Test
  3. At Mr. Brown's Office - Test:
    Au Bureau de M. Brown - Test
  4. In Mr. Brown's living room - Test:
    Dans le salon de Monsieur Brown - Test
  1. The house - Test:
    La maison - Test
  2. Coco Chanel - Test:
    Coco Chanel - Test:
  3. Disney Characters - Test:
    Les personnages de Disney - Test
  4. A new career - Test:
    Une nouvelle carrière - Test
  5. French cheeses - Test:
    Les fromages français - Test

Stories (Beginner Level) - Histoires (Niveau Débutant)

1.- Tembo the baby elephant:
Tembo le Bébé Éléphant 

2.- Doudou the baby dolphin:
Doudou le Bébé Dauphin

3.- Too much noise:
Trop de bruit

4.- The careful buffalo:
Le Buffle Prudent

5.- The moon and the cap:
La lune et la casquette

6.- An elephant in the city:
Un éléphant dans la ville

7.- Cinderella:

8.- The jungle Book:
Le livre de la Jungle

9.- The Tortoise Flute:
La Flûte de la tortue

10.-The lion and the mouse:
Le lion et la souris

11.- Snow Queen:
La reine des neiges

12.- Hansel et Gretel:
Hansel et Gretel

13.- The Fox and the Crow:
Le renard et le corbeau

14.- The Princess Farmer:
La princesse fermière

15.- The Wild Swans:
Les Cygnes Sauvages

Stories (Intermediate Level) - Histoires (Niveau Intermediaire)

1.- The bear and the fox:
L’Ours et le Renard

2.- The young donkey:
Le Petit Anon

3.- The wind and the sun:
Le vent et le soleil

4.- The first well:
Le premier puits

5.- The four friends:
Les quatre amis

6.- The most beautiful of the treasures
Le plus beau des trésors

7.- The little pianist:
Le petit pianiste

8.- The murmur of the palms:
Le murmure des palmes


10.- Peter Pan:
Peter Pan

11.- The Wizard of Oz:
Le Magicien d’OZ

12.- The Emperor's New Clothes:
Les Habits Neufs de l'Empereur

13.- The Prince Heureux:
Le prince Heureux

14.- The Princess and the Pea:
La Princesse au petit pois

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