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French Grammar Level 3

French Grammar Level 3

Welcome to French Grammar Level 3! If you are in this post it’s because you have already an understanding of the French grammar and you practice already our French Grammar Level 1 and Level 2. If not we invite you to do it.

In Grammar Level 3, you are going to keep improving your French grammar, feel more comfortable listening to the radio or TV in French and understanding the structure of the sentences.
Enjoy these topics, and listen to the videos as well:


Grammar Level 3

1.- A daily routine: Une routine quotidienne
2.- Near future tense:
        a) Definition: Le Futur Proche
        b)Le Futur Proche practice 1: Onze phrases
3.- Simple Future tense:
        a) Definition: Le Futur Simple 
        b) Le Futur Simple practice 1: Onze phrases
4. To be in the process of – Être en train de

5.-To be able to – To want – To must have to – To know:
Pouvoir, Vouloir, Devoir et Savoir

6.- Québec French and Metropolitan French: Français québécois et français métropolitain

7.- More Prepositions: Prépositions
         a) Prepositions practice 1: Pratique des prépositions 1
         b) Prepositions practice 2: Pratique des prépositions 2

8.- The idea of time : L’idée du temps

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