French Readings Level 1

French Readings Level 1

French Readings Level 1

Welcome to French Readings Level 1!Readings are central to learn a new language and to understand new expressions in the new language. Your first French readings can be challenging, but you can expand your readings skills in many different ways. Practice your comprehension and also your pronunciation using our audios and videos. Do it at your own pace and rhythm.  Learn and practice French readings level 1! by clicking in the image that interest you the most:


Readings Level 1

1. At the farm: À la ferme (Test)
2. My family: Ma famille (Test)
3. Coco Chanel: Coco Chanel (Test)
4. Disney’s characters: Les personnages de Disney  (Test)
5. Lolo and Lili: Lolo et Lili  (Test)
6. French cheese: Les fromages français (Test)
7. Tahiti: Tahiti 
8. My friend karol: Mon amie Karol
9. My friend Ananya: Mon amie Ananya
10. My friend Victoire: Mon amie Victoire
11. Olivier the writer: Olivier l’écrivain
12. The mysterious message: Le message mystérieux

Kids stories Level 1

1. Tembo the baby elephant: Tembo le Bébé Éléphant
2. Doudou the baby dolphin: Doudou le Bébé Dauphin
3. Gisèle the baby dolphin: Gisèle le bébé girafe

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French Resources for Level 1:

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French Readings Level 1