Français Authentique

Francais Autentique-Youtube Channel

Français Authentique

Français Authentique is a YouTube channel that helps people to practice their French skills.
Johan Tekfak is the creator of Français Authentique. He was born in November 1982 and trained as a materials engineer. After working nearly 10 years as a project manager in the automotive industry, in 2016 he decided to focus full time on the French Authentic project.


1. Une routine matinale (A morning routine)
2. 5 expressions pour parler comme un français (5 expressions to speak like French)
3. 7 choses à faire tous les jours (7 things to do every day)
4. Une source de motivation extraordinaire (An extraordinary source of motivation)

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Francais Autentique-Youtube Channel Francais Autentique-Youtube Channel


Authentic French is a youtube channel that helps people whose mother tongue is not French but who have a solid foundation in this language. Answer these questions: Have you lived in France, worked in a French-speaking country or did you just study French at school? This channel is made for you. Here you will have the opportunity to read and listen to 100% authentic French. Français Authentique está destinado a personas cuya lengua materna no es el francés pero que tienen una base sólida en este idioma. ¿Ha vivido en Francia, trabajado en un país francófono o simplemente estudió francés en la escuela? Este sitio está hecho para ti. Aquí tendrás la oportunidad de leer y escuchar francés 100% auténtico. Todos Aprenda a hablar francés de forma automática y sin esfuerzo con Français Authentiquelos artículos son creados por personas cuya lengua materna es el francés.