French Grammar Level 4

French Grammar Level 4

French Grammar Level 4

Welcome to French Grammar Level 4! If you are in this post it’s because you have already an understanding of the French grammar and you practice already our French Grammar Level 2 and Level 3. If not we invite you to do it.

In Grammar Level 4, you are going to keep improving your French grammar, feel more comfortable listening to the radio or TV in French and understanding the structure of the sentences.
Enjoy these topics, and listen to the videos as well:

  1. A daily routine: Une routine matinale
  2. Object Pronouns
    1. a) Definition: Les pronoms objets
    2. b) Object pronouns en et y: Les pronoms en et y
    3. b) Object pronouns y et en video practice : j’en ai deux 
    4. c) Demonstrative pronouns: Pronoms démonstratifs
  3.  Frequent mistakes in French: Erreurs fréquentes en français
  4. Take Bring Take Take Report: Emmener Apporter Emporter Rapporter
  5. Past Perfect: Le plus-que-parfait
  6. Preterit – A beautiful dream: Le passé composé – Un beau rêve
  7. The preposition “Chez” and tonic pronouns: La préposition “Chez” et les pronoms toniques
  8. Adverbs: Les adverbes
             a) Adverbs of time:  Les adverbes de temps 
             b) Adverbs of manner: Les adverbes de manière 
             c) Adverbs of quantity: Les adverbes de quantité 
             d) Adverbs of place: Les adverbes de lieu 
  9. Homophones: Homophones
  10. Irregular verbs in the future simple: Les verbes irréguliers au futur simple

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En el nivel de gramática 4, seguirás mejorando tu gramática francesa, te sentirás más cómodo escuchando la radio o la televisión en francés y comprenderás la estructura de las oraciones.
Disfrute de estos temas y escuche los videos también

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