Cercles de Conversation

Cercles de conversation

Cercles de Conversation

Welcome to our “Cercles de conversation” (Conversation circles)! here you will find material that can help you practice your speaking skills. Here you have French conversation capsules with 3 questions to practice in each one.

If you are scared to speak French, make an effort  and try to memorize  these capsules. Ask the your friends and you will feel more confident. Even if it doesn’t come naturally, at the beginning, soon it will come and you will feel relaxed and with a good attitude in your conversation.

Capsules de conversation

Capsule 1 

Capsule 2 

Capsule 3 

Capsule 4 

Capsule 5 

Capsule 6 

Capsule 7 

Capsule 8 

Capsule 9 

Capsule 10 

Capsule 11 

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Cercles de conversation