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Since French is one of the two official languages in Canada, it is very important to consider learning French or at least trying to communicate at the first levels. Our French classes can help you to reach your learning goals and you will have significant advantages when you speak more than one language. Our method has been created by professionals of education and psychology and reviewed by teachers so you can try it with confidence.

In our French Circle Club, we have group programs for Adults and Children:

1. Adult Beginner French Program

2. Adult Intermediate French Program

3. French for kids

4. TEF Canada Preparation

5. DELF Preparation

6. TCF Canada


Please feel free to join the program that suits you or your child the most. Our French program provide a structured and professional environment for:

a) Adults who want to learn French from the beginning  or that have an intermediate level and

b) Children that need to advance in their French skills during school time.

General Information

Location: 7430 Copenhagen Road, L5N 2C4, Mississauga, Ontario. We also offer courses near to Square One Area and Mclaughlin and Steeles Area  ***We only offer online classes for the moment***

Phone: 647 702 4544


Group Size:

between 4 to 8 students (Face to Face)

between 3 to 6 students (online)


Regular program fees:

  • ONLINE Course Fee is $250.- for one level 
  • ONLINE Course Fee is $420.- for two levels  
  • Face to face course Fee is $350.- for one level (not offer at this moment)
  • All materials  are included (online document, access to all our resources).

TEF Preparation or TCF Canada (For immigration purposes) fees:

  • CLB 4 preparation Fee is $920.-  (That includes five levels.)
  • CLB 5 preparation Fee is $1100.-  (That includes six levels.)
  • CLB 7 preparation Fee is $1500.-  (That includes nine levels.)
  • All materials are included (online document, notebook,  two  books per level, and membership for Prep my Future equivalent to $50)

French DELF Preparation

  • DELF A1  preparation Fee is $610.-  (That includes three levels.)
  •  DELF A2 preparation Fee is $920.-  (That includes five levels.)
  • DELF B1 preparation Fee is $1100.-  (That includes six levels.)
  • DELF B2 (TEF Canada level) preparation Fee is $1500.-  (That includes nine levels.)
  • All materials are included (handouts, notebook and one CD,  and two books)

Registration Form:

Here is the Registration form:

French Registration FormClick Here to fill out the Registration Form


Group classes Payment:

Group Lessons

What is the right level for me? Click on the level for more information:

Click on the image below for the schedule of upcoming courses:

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