French Readings Level 2

French Readings Level 2

French Readings Level 2

Welcome to French Readings Level 2! If you are in this post it’s because you have some basic French readings ( like the one that we have in our First readings Level) and you practice already our French Readings level 1.

In Readings Level 2, you are going to keep improving your listening skills.

Enjoy these topics, and listen to the video at least twice in order to compete the comprehension exercise under the video. So, let’s go and choose a topic of your interest:

Readings Level 2

1. Describe your day: Décrivez votre journée
2. The house: La maison (Test)
3. Dad knows everything: Papa sait tout (Test)
4. When I was a kid: Quand j’étais enfant
5. Bleubeard Part 1: Barbe bleue (partie 1) (Test)
6. Bleubeard Part 2: Barbe bleue (partie 2) (Test)
7. Bleubeard Part 3: Barbe bleue (partie 3) (Test)
8. The five senses: Les cinq sens
9. My city and my neighborhood: Ma ville et mon quartier  (Alexa’s explanation)
10. Canada Day: La Fête du Canada
11. France Day: La Fête de la France
12.Thanksgiving: Action de grâce
13.My name is Chef Pepin: Je m’appelle Chef Pepin
14.Total solar eclipse:  Éclipse solaire totale

Kids stories Level 2

1. The careful buffalo: Le Buffle Prudent

Readings Level 2 and 3
(French Made Simple)

1. Who is Mr. Brown?: Qui est Monsieur Brown? (Test)
2. The family of Mr. Brown: La famille de Monsieur Brown (Test)
3. At Mr. Brown’s office: Au bureau de Monsieur Brown (Test)
4. In the living room of Mr. Brown: Dans le salon de Monsieur Brown (Test)
5. What time is it?: Quelle heure est-il?
6. The good French kitchen: La bonne cuisine Française
7. What a bad weather!: Quel Mauvais Temps!
8. Mr. Brown’s day: La journée de M. Brown
9. Mr. Brown buys a lottery ticket: M. Brown achète un billet de Loterie

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French Resources for Level 2:

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