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About French Circles Club

French Circles is a Club of enthusiastic people where classes and conversation groups are provided for children & youth and adults interested in improving their French. Join us and you will become more capable and confident as you gain skills necessary to become proficient in French.

 In our French Circles program we offer different French Levels, you can finish each level depending on your time since you can adjust your schedule accordingly. Usually finishing one level takes about 9 weeks, but you can speed up the classes coming twice or three times a week. 

We invite to use our Free Online Resources to practice, improve or just learn French from the beginning and to watch this video to begin your French journey:

English audio

Spanish audio


General Information

Location: We have courses in Meadowvale (Mississauga), near to Square One Area (Mississauga) and Mclaughlin and Steeles Area (Brampton)

Phone: 647 702 4544

email: info@frenchcircles.ca

Group Size: between 4 to 8 students (Face to Face) and 3 to 5 students (Online)


What happen if I can’t attend a class?

If you can’t attend a lesson, you may be able to recover that lesson with another group. Just ask for the dates for make up group classes. In French Circles you don’t loose any class! But remember to schedule your make up class before the end of the module or level that you are registered. 

Are you Ready? Check the schedule here:


French classes for Adults French classes for kids
Adults Online French Courses

Kids Online French Courses



Welcome to French Circles!


French Circles


French is not an option for you right now, are you interested to learn Spanish? Enjoy our Spanish program in Spanish Circles!