French Vocabulary Level 4

French Vocabulary Level 4

French Vocabulary Level 4

Welcome to French Vocabulary Level 4! If you’re here, it’s because you already possess a foundational understanding of basic French vocabulary, akin to what you’ve learned in our previous vocabulary levels 1, 2 and 3.

In French Vocabulary Level 4, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your lexicon across various subjects and approaches. Our French vocabulary program is tailored to broaden your lexical repertoire through various engaging methods.

Delve into these topics, complete with engaging games and audio resources, allowing you to practice at your convenience and pace. Explore and reinforce your French vocabulary by selecting the topics that pique your interest and clicking to further your learning experience. Enjoy the wealth of resources available for learning and practice!

Vocabulary Level 4

1. Clothes – Les vetements :
                                    a) Hauts de vêtements
                                    b) Bas de vêtements
2. Jewelry: Les bijoux
3. Cosmetics: Les produits de beauté
4. Furnishings: Les meubles
5. Ordinal numbers: Les nombres ordinaux
6. Entertainment venues: Lieux de divertissement
7. Compound names: Les noms composés
8. Compound names (part 2): Les noms composés (partie 2)
9. Compound names (part 3): Les noms composés (partie 3)  

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French Resources for Level 4:

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