Easy French

Easy French

Easy French

In this post you will practice French with Easy French – Yotube. This is a YouTube channel that aims to help people learn French in a real and fun way.
They interview people on the streets of Paris and other parts of the French-speaking world, and create super easy to understand videos where the team speaks in French slower to help you understand it is aimed at beginners and intermediates.

1. At home in France – À la maison en France
2. 40 phrases for beginners – 40 phrases pour les débutants
3. The weekend in France – Le weekend en France
4. 6 tips that will help you speak French like a native – 6 astuces pour parler français comme un natif 
5. 8 expressions françaises familières à connaître – 8 Colloquial French Expressions You Should Know 

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Easy French – Youtube

Authentique french

E.F. is a project to help you learn France in an authentic and fun way. We interview people in the streets of Paris and other places of the France speaking world. We also create “Super Easy” videos where members of the team speak in slower France, in order to help beginners and intermediate learners. All our videos have subtitles in France and English. E.F. is part of the global project Easy Languages, though it has its own YouTube channel where 3 videos are published every month: 2 street interviews and 1 SuperE.F. . To deepen your learning experience with E.F. , we invite you to become a member of our learning community through Patreon (www.patreon.com/easyfrench) and receive exercises, transcripts and further extras that we create for our members each time we publish a video. E.F. fait partie du projet global Easy Languages, bien qu’il dispose de sa propre chaîne YouTube où 3 vidéos sont publiées chaque mois: 2 interviews de rue et 1 Super E.F. . Pour approfondir votre expérience d’apprentissage avec E.F. , nous vous invitons à devenir membre de notre communauté d’apprentissage via Patreon (www.patreon.com/easyfrench) et à recevoir des exercices, des transcriptions et d’autres extras que nous créons pour nos membres chaque fois que nous publions un vidéo