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Autour du monde

Autour du monde

In this post: “Autour du monde” – around the world – you will learn about locations, habits and traditions, cultures of different countries and this will help to improve your French vocabulary and listening skills.



1.-The triumphal arch:
L’arc de triomphe

2.- Eiffel Tower:
La tour Eiffel

3.- McGhee sextuplets:
Les sextuplés McGhee

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Autour du monde

L’arc de triomphe, La tour Eiffel

The idea of a giant tower was not born with the exhibition of 1889. Indeed, during the Universal Exhibition of Philadelphia in 1876, the American engineers Clark and Reeves, imagine a project of a tower of a total height of about three hundred meters. In June 1884, two engineers from the Eiffel companies, Maurice Koechlin and Émile Nouguier, in turn thought about a project for a metal tower three hundred meters high. They hope to be able to make it the main monument of the 1889 exhibition. But the two engineers do not find the necessary funds and ultimately their project will never see the light of day. But a tower that could reach the extraordinary height of three hundred meters high remains a challenge that made the engineers dream of the time.

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