Important Dates

Important Dates

Important Dates

Learn Vocabulary about Important Dates in the year can help you to expand your French vocabulary in many different ways.

This vocabulary will help you to express your own ideas in French. So practice these new words at your own pace and rhythm.
Click on the date of your interest and enjoy!


1. New Year: Nouvel an (Test)

2. Birthday: Anniversaire (Test)


1. Valentine’s Day : La  Saint-Valentin


1. St Patrick’s Day : La Saint-Patrick

2. Spring : Le printemps

3. International day of the “francophonie” : Journée de la francophonie


1. Holy Week French Vocabulary: La Semaine Sainte

2. Easter : Pâques


1. Summer : L’été    (Test)


1. Canada Day Vocabulary: La fête du Canada


1. Thanksgiving : Action de grâce


1. Remembrance day: Se souvenir


1. Christmas : Joyeux Noël (Test)

2. The stages of life : Les étapes de la vie

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Important Dates