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Reflexive verbs

French Vocabulary Reflexive verbs

Learn and Practice French Vocabulary Reflexive verbs: in this quizlet  you will learn Reflexive verbs in French. Practice & learn this french vocabulary list.

Start reviewing the flashcards in the following Quizlet and then feel free to use the different options from Quizlet, such us match, learn, test or spell.

Reflexive verbs -  flashcards

Reflexive verbs -  list

French Enlgish
s'approcher de to approach
s'arrêter de to stop
se baigner to bathe, swim
se blesser to hurt oneself
se bronzer to tan
se brosser to brush
se brûler to burn oneself
se casser to break
se coiffer to do one's hair
se coucher to go to bed
se couper to cut oneself
se demander to wonder
se dépêcher to hurry
se déshabiller to undress
se détendre to relax
s'endormir to go to sleep
se fâcher to get angry
s'habiller to dress
s'impatienter to become impatient
s'inquiéter de* to worry about
se laver to wash
se lever* to get up
se maquiller to apply make‐up
se mettre à to begin
s'occuper de to take care of
se peigner to comb
se présenter to introduce oneself
se promener* to take a walk
se rappeler* to recall
se raser to shave
se reposer to rest
se réunirse to meet
se réveiller to wake up
se servir de  to use
se tromper to make a mistake
s'écrier to exclaim, cry out
s'en aller to leave, go away
se fier à to trust
se méfier de to distrust
se moquer de to make fun of
se soucier de to care about
se souvenir de to remember


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