Expressions avec Avoir

Expressions avec Avoir

Expressions avec Avoir

Learn and practice French idiomatic expression with the verb to have (Expressions avec Avoir).

An expression is a peculiar sentence to a language and can not be translated literally into another language.
The following expressions, used with the verb avoir, often use another verb in the English version.
Look out and enjoy!

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Vocabulary : Expressions with to have 

French English
Avoir __ ans To be __ years old
Avoir raison To be right
Avoir faim To be hungry
Avoir froid To be cold
Avoir peur To be scared
Avoir soif To be thirsty
Avoir sommeil To be sleepy
Avoir chaud To be hot
Avoir l’air To seem – to look
Avoir envie de  To feel like
Avoir lieu To take place
Avoir honte To be ashamed

Expressions with to have – Flashcards

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Expressions with to have