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French Expressions Two words

French Expressions Two words

French Expressions Two words is a very good way to improve your French skills. By learning and practicing these French Expressions with two words, certainly you are going to gain new useful vocabulary. Enjoy!


French Pronunciation English
1 Par coeur (par keur) by heart
2 Il faut    (eel foh) It is necessary
3 Dites-moi (deet-mwa) Tell me
4 Ça suffit (sah sü-fee) that's enough
5 Peut-être (peu-tehtr) perhaps
6 Bon appétit (bohN-nah-pey-tee!) Enjoy your meal
7 bon voyage (bohN-vwah-yazh) Have a good trip
8 À bientôt (ah byaN- toh) See you soon
9 Allons-y! (ah-lohN-zee) Let’s go!
10 rendez-vous (rahN-day-voo) Appointment

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Two Words French Expressions

Two Words French Expressions

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