Online Free French Tests

Online Free French Tests

Online Free French Tests

Tests are important to learn a new language because they help you to test yourself.  In this page we offer you different French test topics, with games and audios just to practice at your own pace and rhythm. Take our Online Free French Tests as many times as you need.  Learn and practice with our Online Free French Tests by clicking in the image that interest you the most. 


Vocabulary Tests

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Reading Comprehension Tests

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Tests for Level 1


1. Greetings French Test : Se saluer
2. The Professions French Test : Les professions
3. The Family French Test : La Famille
4. The Days French Test : Les jours – Test français
5. The Months French Test : Les mois
6. The Numbers French Test: 
7. The Countries French Test : Les Pays
8. Places to go French Test : Les endroits
9. The seasons French Test : Les saisons 
10. Le temps
11. Family members French Test: Les famille


1. Words with A French Test: Mots avec “A” Test de français
2. Words with E French Test: Mots avec “E” Test de français
3. Words with I French Test: Mots avec “I” Test de français
4. Words with O French Test: Mots avec “O” Test de français
5. Words with U French Test: Mots avec “U” Test de français
6. Words with B French Test: Mots avec “B” Test de français
7. Words with C French Test: Mots avec “C” Test de français
8. Words with Ç French Test: Mots avec “Ç” Test de français



Tests for Level 2


1. The Colors French Test: Les couleurs
2. Food and Drinks French Test: Nourriture et boissons
3. The Sports French Test: Les sports
4. The animals French Test: Les animaux
5. The body French Test: Le corps
6. Questions words French Test: Mots Questions
7. Reflexive verbs French Test: Verbes pronominaux
8. Expressions with to have:
9. Expressions with to be:
10. Questions personals French Test: Questions Personnelles
11. 3 French Questions – Quiz : 3 questions en français



Tests for Level 3


1. Telling the Time French Test : Les heures
2. The Hobbies French Test: 
3. Transportation French Test: Les transports
4. Car trips French Test : Voyages en voiture
5. Air travel French Test : Voyages en avion
6. 7 verbs for traveling by plane French Test: 7 verbes pour voyager en avion 
7. Utensils and cutlery French Test: Ustensiles et couverts
8. Positive and negative emotions French Test: Les émotions positives et négatives

Important dates and holidays

1. New Year French Test: Bonne Année – Test français
2. Christmas French Test: Joyeux Noël – Test français
3. Summer French Test: L’été – Test français
4. Happy Birthday French Test: Bon anniversaire – Test français
5. Adverbs and my routine – French Test: Les adverbes et ma routine – test



Tests for Level 4

Verbs & Grammar

1. Adjectives French test: Adjectifs Test de français
2. Sentences with adjectives French test: Phrases avec des adjectifs
3. The Verb to be French Test: Le verbe “être” Test français
4. The verb to have French Test: Le verbe “avoir” Test français
5. The Verb to go French Test: Le verbe “aller” Test français
6. The Verb to do French Test: Le verbe “faire” Test français
7. To be to have to go and to do French Test: Être Avoir Aller et Faire – Test français
8. Irregular French Verbs Test: Test de verbes français irrégulier
9. Past participles French Test: Les Participes Passés – Test français
10. Present-Imperfect-Perfect tense-Test: Présent-Imparfait-Passé composé Test
11. To be able to – To want – To must have to – To know French Test: Pouvoir Vouloir Devoir et Savoir – Test français


1. Protected: Test your French: Protégé : Testez votre français
2. Learning French with TV5 Monde: Apprendre le français avec TV5 Monde




1. In the farm – Test: A la ferme – Test
2. Ma famille – Test: Ma famille – Test
3. Coco Chanel – Test: Coco Chanel – Test
4. Disney Characters – Test: Les personnages de Disney – Test
5. French Cheese – Test: Les Fromages francais – Test
6. Lolo et Lili – Test: Lolo et Lili – Test
7. Tahiti – Test: 
8. The mysterious message – Test:


1. Tembo the baby elephant – Test: Tembo le bébé éléphant – Test
2. Doudou le bébé dauphin – Test: Soft toy the baby dolphin – Test
3. Gisèle le bébé girafe – Test: Gisele the baby giraffe – Test




1. Who is Mr. Brown – Test: Qui est Monsieur Brown – Test
2. Mr. Brown’s family – Test: La famille de Monsieur Brown – Test
3. At Mr. Brown’s Office – Test: Au Bureau de M. Brown – Test
4. In Mr. Brown’s Lounge – Test: Dans le salon de Monsieur Brown – Test
5. The house – Test: La maison – Test
6. What time is it?: Quelle Heure Est-il? – Test
7. What awful weather Test: Quel Mauvais Temps – Test français
8. IDad knows everything – Test: Papa sait tout
9. Bleubeard Part 1 – Test: Barbe bleue (partie 1)
10. Bleubeard Part 2 – Test: Barbe bleue (partie 2)
11. The five senses – Test:
12. My city and my neighborhood – Test:




1. 10 good resolutions for the new year – Test:
2. 11 good resolutions for children – Test
3. Francophone countries – Test
4. At the restaurant – Test
5. The special autograph – Test: 
6. My decisions – Test:
7. Their wedding plans – Test:
8. Free time – Test:
9. A romantic stay – Test:
10. A new carreer – Test: Une nouvelle carriere – Test




1. A trip to England (Preterit) – Test:
2. The story of Snow White (Preterit) – Test:
3. A memorable weekend (Preterit) – Test:
4. La guillotine – Test: La guillotine – Test
5. Go to Belgium (present tense) – Test:
6. Dreams of the future (Conditional) – Test:
7. Meals at home – Test:
8. Some portraits – Test:


1. International day of happiness – Test:
2. Bundin – Test:
3. Internet outage – Test:
4. The day without a laptop – Test:
5. The video game – Test:
6. Online shopping – Test:
7. At the bank – Test:
8. Free time – Test:
9. Winter in Quebec – Test:


1. 24 character strengths – Test:  24 forces de caractère
2. The qualities of an athlete – Test:  Les qualités d’un sportif
3. covid-19 pandemic – Test:  pandémie de covid-19
4. Claire the waitress – Test: Claire la serveuse
5. Different types of tourism – Test:  Différents types de tourisme
6. Speed – Test:  La vitesse
7. Ordinary day – Test:  Jour ordinaire


1. Eating insects – Test: Manger des insectes
2. The artist – Test: a silent film in black and white: L’artiste: un film muet en noir et blanc
3. Beware of theft – Test: Attention aux vols
4. Cinema loves holidays – Test: Le cinéma aime les vacances
5. Homeopathy to treat animals – Test: L’homéopathie pour soigner les animaux
6. In the Pyrenees – Test: Dans les Pyrénées


1. Carpenter – Test: Le menuisier
2. The magic guitar – Test: La guitare magique



1. 16 types: Test 16 types de personnalités 

Tests (Government of Canada)

1. Self-assessment test for reading comprehension
2. Self-assessment test for written expression

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