French Songs Level 7

French Songs Level 7

French Songs Level 7

Welcome to French Songs Level 7! If you are in this post it’s because you practiced, learned and sang our French songs Levels 1 to 6 and you want to keep singing. Right?

In French Songs, you are going to enjoy more French songs and you will improve your listening skills.

Enjoy these songs and listen to the videos as many times as you need

Intermediates Level 7

French songs (ADULTS)

1. Tous les mêmes – Stromae
2. Ces mot stupides – Lara Fabian Sacha Distel
3. Un peu de rêve – VITAA en duo Claudio Capéo
4. Before you go – Sara’h cover – Lewis Capaldi
5. Quand c’est? – Stromae
6. Toune d’automne Les Cowboys fringants
7. On Pourrait – Sara’h
8. Pas besoin de frapper – Jacques Michel

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If you find yourself perusing this message, it’s likely because you’ve diligently engaged in the practice, learning, and vocalization of our French songs spanning from Levels 1 through 6, and your thirst for song continues unabated. Correct? Within French Songs, a treasure trove awaits, brimming with additional French melodies to delight your senses and further refine your auditory acuity. Embrace these new songs, allowing their rhythms and lyrics to permeate your being, and don’t hesitate to replay the accompanying videos until each note and syllable feels like an old friend.