French Readings Level 7

French Readings Level 7

French Readings Level 7

Welcome to French Readings Level 7! If you are in this post it’s because you practice already our French Readings Level 1 to 6. In Readings Level 7, you are going to keep improving your listening skills. By this Level, you feel very comfortable listening to the radio, TV or any podcast in French. Enjoy these topics, listen to the videos then complete the comprehension exercise under the video. So, let’s go and choose a topic of your interest:

Readings Level 7

1. Eating insects: Manger des insectes
2. The artist: a silent film in black and white: L’artiste: un film muet en noir et blanc
3. Beware of theft: Attention aux vols
4. Cinema loves holidays: Le cinéma aime les vacances
5. Homeopathy to treat animals: L’homéopathie pour soigner les animaux
6. In the Pyrenees: Dans les Pyrénées

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