French Readings Level 3

French Readings Level 3

French Readings Level 3

Welcome to French Readings Level 3! If you are in this post it’s because you have good French readings ( like our Level 1 and Level 2) and you practice already our French Readings Level 1 and Level 2 as well.

In Readings Level 3, you are going to keep improving your listening skills. Now you are going to feel more comfortable listening to the radio, TV or any podcast in French.

Enjoy these topics, and listen to the video at least twice in order to compete the comprehension exercise under the video. So, let’s go and choose a topic of your interest:

Readings Level 3

1. La francophonie:
                                  a) Les pays francophones
                                  b) La semaine de la francophonie
2. At the restaurant: Au restaurant
3. The special autograph: L’autographe spécial
4. My decisions: Mes décisions
5. A new career: Une nouvelle carrière (Test)
6. Their wedding plans: Leurs projets de mariage
7. Free time: Le temps libre  (Alexa’s explanation)
8. A romantic stay: Un séjour romantique
9. The bakery: La boulangerie
10. 10 good resolutions for the new year: 10 bonnes résolutions pour le nouvel an
11. 11 good resolutions for children: 11 bonnes résolutions pour les enfants
12. This weekend: Ce weekend
13. A Day at the Beach: Une Journée à la Plage
14. Back to school: La rentrée à l’école

Readings Level 3 and 4
(Extra French)

1. Extra French Episode 1
2. Extra French Episode 2
3. Extra French Episode 3
4. Extra French Episode 4
5. Extra French Episode 5
6. Extra French Episode 6
7. Extra French Episode 7
8. Extra French Episode 8
9. Extra French Episode 9
10. Extra French Episode 10
11. Extra French Episode 11
12. Extra French Episode 12
13. Extra French Episode 13

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French Resources for Level 3:

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