French Songs Level 1

French Songs Level 1

French Songs Level 1

Welcome to French Songs Level 1! Songs are an easy way to learn a new language because it is fun and motivational. Also with songs we can understand peculiar French expressions. At the beginning, French songs can be challenging, that’s why we organized them by levels.
In this page we offer you French Songs for Level 1, so learn the lyrics and practice the French songs by clicking in the image that interest you the most:

French Songs with subtitles – Beginners Level 1

Songs (ADULTS)

1. L’amour est bleu – Vicky Leandros  (Practice this song here)
2. Je suis un juif Espagnol – Enrico Macias
3. O Canada – National Anthem
4. Douce nuit – Christmas song    (Practice this song here)
5. Les anges dans nos campagnes – The Angels in our countryside     (Practice this song here)
6. Elle – Melissa
7. Non je ne regrette rien  – Edith Piaf
8. Tourne La Chance – Nana Mouskouri
9. Psaume de la création – Patrick Richard
10. La Seine – Vanessa Paradis    (Practice this song here)
11. Manu Chao – J’ai besoin de la lune
12. La ballade des gens heureux – Gerard Lenorman – ZAZ (Practice this song here)
13. La liste – Rose  (Practice this song here)
14. Un Jour de Différence – Susie Arioli

French KIDS Songs with subtitles – Beginners Level 1

1. L’alphabet – Alain le lait
2. Les voyelles – Alain le lait
3. Bonjour Bonjour – Alain le lait
4. Je suis une pizza – French teacher
5. Joyeux Anniversaire – Popular song
6. Une patate – Jingle Bilingual
7. Bonjour à tous – Atelier créatif Baby musique
8. La chanson de mes petites mains – Rémi
9. Bob le train – Bob
10. Petit escargot – Little snail
11. Dans la Ferme – In the farm
12. Tourne tourne petit moulin – Turns small mill
13. Tête épaules genoux et pieds – Head, shoulders, knees and feet
14. Si tu as d’la joie au coeur – If you have joy in your heart
15. Père Noël frappe à la porte – Miwiboo  – Santa is knocking on the door – Miwiboo
16. Le Roi Lion – l’histoire de la vie – The story of life
17. Aladdin – je suis ton meilleur ami – I am your best friend

Do you want to learn more French Songs Level1? Click on the image of your interest:

Do you want to practice another French Songs Level? Click on the image of your interest:

French Songs Level 1

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French Songs Level 1