Joyeux Anniversaire

French Circles Joyeux Anniversaire

Joyeux Anniversaire

The song “Joyeux Anniversaire” will help you to improve your French. Sing this song whenever you want: Learn and Practice this beautiful song. You will soon improve your vocabulary and your understanding of French!

Learn how to sing Happy Birthday in French.
Sometimes “Bone fête !” is commonly used to mean “happy birthday”
Enjoy the video and learn a lot of French!
Good Luck!

 Français English
Joyeux anniversaire!Joyeux anniversaire!Heureux anniversaire!Tous nos voeux sont sincères,pour ton anniversaire!Tes amis aujourd’hui,

se sont tous réunis.

Ton bonheur on l’espère,

pour ton anniversaire!

Happy Birthday (to you)!Happy Birthday (to you)!Happy Birthday!All our wishes are sinceres,for your birthday!Your friends today,

have gathered.

We hope for your happiness,

for your birthday!

French birthday vocabulary

birthday =   un anniversaire

birthday cake =   un gâteau d’anniversaire

birthday card =   une carte d’anniversaire

birthday party =   une fête/soirée pour son anniversaire

birthday present =   un cadeau d’anniversaire

to blow out the candles = souffler ses bougies

When is your birthday?   Quelle est la date / Quel est le jour de ton anniversaire ?

What did you get for your birthday?   Qu’est-ce que tu as eu pour ton anniversaire ?

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French Circles Joyeux Anniversaire
Happy Birthday