French Tutoring

French Tutoring

French Tutoring

French is widely used and accessible throughout Canada and it is the mother tongue of one Canadian in four. French is also one of the two official languages in the country, it is very important to consider learning French (with a tutor or in a group setting) or at least trying to communicate at the first levels.

With French we have the advantage of texts, references and library books prepared for the Francophone market in this country. Also there are a large numbers of activities in Francophone communities, French-speaking teachers; as well as access to the French media and resources. They are sufficient interest in the language to support viable programs throughout the country.

Besides that, you have significant advantages when you speak more than one language. Learning another language helps you to Strengthen your problem-solving, reasoning and creative thinking skills, to develop your understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and to increase your competitiveness in an increasingly global job market.

One-to-one French Tutor in Mississauga 

Our one-to-one french Tutor in Mississauga  can take place any day of the week, including weekends, and can be scheduled for the morning, afternoon or evening.

With the help from a highly skilled, qualified and widely experienced French tutor you will enjoying a program that includes conversational French, reading,  writing, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and pronunciation.

Fees may change upon additional requirements and location.

Tutoring 1 or 2 students (one to one @ your place): 50$/50 min session. (min. 2 sessions)
Tutoring 1 or 2 students (one to one @ our place): 40$/50 min session.
Groups: 15$ per hour @our/your place (min. 4 people per group)

Pay online here:

Private French Lessons
1 private class @ your location $50.00 CAD
1 private class @ our location or online $40.00 CAD
4 private classes @ our location or online $160.00 CAD
4 private classes @ your location $200.00 CAD
10 private classes @ our location or online + 2 FREE Group Class $400.00 CAD
FULL Beginner Level -36 private classes and material @your place $1,890.00 CAD

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Remember: knowing another language can give you a competitive edge in the future for the job market anywhere in Canada and in many other countries.