French Grammar Level 1

French Grammar Level 1

French Grammar Level 1

Welcome to French Grammar Level 1! Learning grammar is always a difficult task. It often becomes tedious to memorise long lists of rules and verbs. Here, in Grammar Level 1, you will learn and review basic and necessary French Grammar. Choose a topic to begin with, watch the video, practice and memorize the rule, and find some time to come back to it to reinforce your learning. Let’s go, simply select a topic:

Basic Grammar for level 1

  1. The alphabet: L’alphabet
  2. French Silent Letters: Lettres qu’on ne prononce pas en français
  3. Accents: Accents
  4. Articles: Articles
  5. Liaison: Liaison
  6. Masculine or feminine nouns: Noms masculins ou féminins
  7. Question words: Les mots interrogatifs
  8. Possessive adjectives: Adjectifs possessifs
  9. Adjectives:
    1. Adjectives endings: Types of adjectives
    2. French adjectives practice 1: Flashcard of important adjectives
    3. French adjectives practice 2: Choosing the right answer
    4. French Adjectives practice 3: 16 Sentences practice
  10. The negative form: La forme négative
  11. Prepositions practice level 1 (verb to go and to come in present tense):
    Les prépositions et le verbe aller et venir au présent

Basic Conjugation for L1

    1.  Personal Pronouns: Personal Pronouns
      1. Subject pronouns Definition: Pronoms sujets
      2. You or you: Tu or vous
      3. French Subject pronouns practice 1:
        Pronoms Sujet Français pratique 1
    2. Infinitive and conjugated verbs
    3. The verb to be: Le verbe être
    4. The verb to have: Le verbe avoir
    5. The verb to go: Le verbe aller
    6. The  verb to do: Le verbe faire
    7. To be – To have – To go – To do: Être Avoir Aller et Faire
    8. ER Verbs: Verbes qui finissent en ER
    9. IR Verbs: Verbes qui finissent en IR
    10. RE Verbs: Verbes qui finissent en RE
    11. Sentences with ER verbs: Sentences avec verbes ER
    12. Sentences with IR verbs: Sentences avec verbes IR
    13. Sentences with RE verbs: Sentences avec des verbes RE
    14. Most Common French Verbs: Les 15 verbes français les plus communs
    15. 15 REGULAR Verbs:

a) Only verbs: Verbes Réguliers(verbes)

b) Sentences: 15 verbes Réguliers (phrases)

c) Practice: 15 verbes Réguliers (practice)


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