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Sentences with IR verbs

Sentences with IR verbs

The group of verbs known as "ir verbs" comprises the second largest group of verbs in the French language, and so conjugating them is very important.

Verbs with infinitives ending in -ir form a second group of regular verbs in French, often called 'second conjugation' verbs. To conjugate these verbs, drop the -ir from the infinitive and add the second conjugation present tense endings: -is, -is, -it, -issons, -issez, -issent. The singular and plural forms of the third person are clearly distinguishable (finit vs.finissent). Listen to the difference.

Practice and learn French with these sentences with IR verbs.

Start reviewing the flashcards in the following Quizlet and then feel free to use the different options from Quizlet, such us match, learn, test or spell.

Sentences with IR verbs-  flashcards

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Je choisis toujours le poulet quand je mange au restaurant

Mon frère grossit quand il mange beaucoup

Les enfants finissent la crème glacé

Elle maigrit parce qu'elle viellit

Quelquefois elle rougit parce qu'elle est timide


to choose
I always choose chicken when I eat at the restaurant

to gain weight
My brother gains weight when he eats a lot

to finish
the children finish the ice cream

to lose weight
She loses weight because she ages

to blush
Sometimes she blushes because she is shy


Le riz blanchit dans l'eau chaude

Vous finisez vos devoirs rapidement

Nous réussissons quand nous travaillons beaucoup

Les tomates mûrrisent vite au soleil


to turn white
Rice turns white in hot water

to finish
You finish your homework quickly

to succeed
We succeed when we work a lot

to ripe
Tomatoes ripen fast in the sun

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Welcome to Sentences with IR verbs!

sentences with ir verbs

sentences with ir verbs

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