French House rooms – sentences dictation

French House rooms – sentences dictation

Join us in this engaging dictation practice session about French House rooms – sentences dictation. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your listening skills, this exercise offers a perfect opportunity to enhance your listening and writing skills. Grab your pen and paper, or simply listen along, as we navigate through a variety of sentences, immersing ourselves in the rich vocabulary of French House rooms.

Short video:

Dictation : French dictation about House rooms

French English
1.- La chambre The bedroom
2.- La cuisine The kitchen
3.- Le salon The living room
4.- La salle de bains The bathroom
5.- La salle à manger The dining room
6.- Le balcon The balcony
7.- La terrasse The terrace

Long video:

Dictation : House rooms

French English
1. Dans la chambre, il y a un grand lit et une armoire. 1. In the bedroom, there is a large bed and a wardrobe.
2. Ma mère cuisine toujours de délicieux repas dans la cuisine. 2. My mother always cooks delicious meals in the kitchen.
3. Le salon est l’endroit parfait pour se détendre et regarder la télévision. 3. The living room is the perfect place to relax and watch TV.
4. Je prends chaque jour une douche dans la salle de bain avant de partir. 4. I take a shower in the bathroom every day before I leave.
5. Nous partageons un repas en famille dans la salle à manger chaque soir. 5. We share a family meal in the dining room every evening.
6. Sur le balcon, je cultive des plantes et je profite du soleil. 6. On the balcony, I grow plants and enjoy the sun.
7. La terrasse offre une vue magnifique sur la ville. 7. The terrace offers a magnificent view of the city.
8. Mon bureau est plein de livres et d’articles de papeterie. 8. My office is full of books and stationery.
9. J’ai trouvé une vieille boîte de souvenirs dans le grenier. 9. I found an old box of souvenirs in the attic.
10. La buanderie est l’endroit où je fais la lessive chaque semaine 10. The laundry room is where I do the laundry every week.

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Listen attentively, and as needed, replay the audio to ensure accuracy in your written responses. Dictation exercises like these are an effective tool for enhancing your Spanish vocabulary recognition and spelling skills. So, feel free to take your time, absorb the vocabulary, and enjoy the process of refining your language proficiency through this engaging challenge. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)