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Watching Extra French videos is the fastest, easiest ant fun way to learn French. You’ll find these videos the perfect solution in order to learn more French Vocabulary and improve your listening skills. This Extra French Serie will help you to expand your French in many different ways. Enjoy!


Extra French (French Serie)

  1. Episode 1:
    1. Intro:
      Episode 1 Intro  (Script Episode 1)
    2. Episode 1 Sam’s letter:
      La Lettre de Sam 
    3. Episode 1 Sam’s arrives:
      L’arrivée de Sam
  2. Episode 2:
    Sam fait du shopping (Script Episode 2)
  3. Episode 3:
    Sam a un rendez-vous (Script Episode 3)
  4. Episode 4:
    Sam trouve du travail 
  5. Episode 5:
    Une étoile est née
  6. Episode 6:
    Episode 6 Le jour du loto (Script Episode 6)
  7. Episode 7:
    Episode 7 La jumelle (Script Episode 7)
  8. Episode 8:
    Episode 8 La cousine de la concierge (Script Episode 8)  
  9. Episode 9:
    Episode 9 Du boulot pour Sam et Nico (Script Episode 9)
  10. Episode 10:
    Episode 10 Annie proteste
  11. Episode 11:
    Episode 11 Les vacances
  12. Episode 12:
    Episode 12 Fou de foot
  13. Episode 13:
    Episode 13 Un mariage dans l’air (Script Episode 13)

Read the scripts here:

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Extra French

Wether you’re studying for work or travel, or are simply addicted to learning languages, you’ll find the perfect solution in order to learn the new language is watching videos. French Videos can expand your knowledge in many different ways. In this page we offer you different videos depending on your language level.

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