French Dictation Level 2

French Dictation Level 2

French Dictation Level 2

Welcome to French Dictation Level 2! If you are in this post it is because you already practice some basic French Dictation ( like the ones that we have in our First Dictation Level).

With our Dictation Level 2, you are going to improve more your listening skills and start feeling more comfortable listening French Converstations, songs or any simple French audio…
Specially in different tenses like present, future and past tense. (imparfait and passé composé)

Enjoy these Dictations and practice them many times as you need. Learn and practice Dictation level 2, by clicking in the topic of your interest:

Dictation Level 2

1. Around the house (Sentences)
2. The weather (Words) (Sentences)
3. French expressions with the verb AVOIR (Sentences)
4. French Sentences with ER verbs (Sentences) (Phonetic)
5. French Sentences with IR verbs (Sentences) (Phonetic)
6. French Sentences with RE verbs (Sentences) (Phonetic)
7. Irregular verbs (Words) (Sentences)
8. The preterit (compound past) (Sentences
        a) ER verbs passé composé dictation
        b) IR verbs passé composé dictation
        c) RE verbs passé composé dictation
9. Imperfect tense (L’imparfait):  L’imparfait
         a) ER verbs imparfait dictation
         b) IR verbs imparfait dictation
         c) RE verbs imparfait dictation
10. A childhood memory (Imperfect) (Sentences
11. Elementary school (Imperfect) (Sentences
12. Reflexive Verbs dictation practice (Words) (Sentences
13. French Numbers Dictation # 2 (Words) (Sentences)
14. French drinks (Sentences) (Translation)
15. French House rooms (Sentences)

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French Resources for Level 2:

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