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Articles are special modifiers that appear before nouns or noun phrases. There are only two articles in the English language (definite, and indefinite) , whereas French has 3 different ones (definite, indefinite, and partitive). Here you will learn two of the most important ones (The and a/an).

Here are some (The Articles):


Articles indéfinis

The indefinite articles, un/une, is used exactly like the English indefinite article- a/an. It is used when referring to a single instance that is a part of a group that consists of many entities. The plural indefinite article, des, is used when referring to more than a single entity.


a/an Masculin Féminin
Singulier un une
Pluriel des des


Articles définis

The definite articles, le, la, les, are basically equivalent to English the. Anytime the is used in English, a definite article will surely be used in French. In some cases, however, French will use a definite articles when English uses no article at all.


the Masculin Féminin
Singulier le (l’) la (l’)
Pluriel les les

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The Articles


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