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Most Common French Verbs (Sentences)

Most Common French Verbs (Sentences)

Here are lessons and conjugations for the 15 most common French verbs. Once you've looked those over, try the conjugation quizzes for a quick analysis of your conjugation expertise.

Most Common French Verbs (Sentences)

French English
Elle mange une pomme rouge.

Tu vas à l’opéra ce soir.

Il parle Français.

La tarte est délicieuse.

Maya joue du piano.

Nous aimons beaucoup chanter.

Vous avez une superbe radio.

Mel prend l’autobus pour aller à l’école.

Maurice travaille parfois le samedi.

Andy écoute la musique rock.

J’achète du pain pour le déjeuner.

Le garçon descend les escaliers.

Tu lis un roman de suspense.

Il finit ses devoirs.

Le papa fait le dîner pour toute la famille.

She eats a red apple.

You're going to the opera tonight.

He speaks French.

The tart is delicious.

Maya plays the piano.

We love to sing a lot.

You have a great radio.

Mel takes the bus to go to the school.

Maurice sometimes works on Saturdays.

Andy is listening rock music.

I buy bread for lunch.

The boy goes down the stairs.

You read a novel of suspense.

He finishes his homework.

Dad makes dinner for the whole family.

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Most Common Verbs

Most Common Verbs

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