Bob le train – Les animaux

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Bob le train - Les animaux

Bob le train – Les animaux

In this song kids “Bob le train – Les animaux” is a beautiful that can help you learn and remember French vocabulary. Singing is an amazing way to improve your language learning.



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Bob le train - Les animaux


See the animals with their sounds is for children. Children learn a lot and with this letter they will learn the pronunciation of animal names. This video helps kids and toddlers learn the sounds and names of animals that can be found in a large zoo, forest, farm and jungle, etc.

mammals, birds, amphibians, fish , reptiles, insects ,crustaceans, donkey, goat, horse, pig, rabbit, shrimp, crab, dolphin, shark, boar, deer, mouse, racoon, skunk, squirrel, beaver, otter, armadillo, bat, bear,weasel etc

Vea a los animalitos con sus sonidos es para niños. Los niños aprenden mucho y con esta letra aprendera la pronunciación de los nombres de los animales. Este video ayuda a los niños y los niños pequeños a aprender los sonidos y los nombres de los animales que se pueden encontrar un gran zoológico, el bosque, la granja y selva, etc.

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