Les parties du corps

Les parties du corps

Les parties du corps

With this song “Les parties du corps” you will be able learn and practice how to talk about and know the names of your body parts in french. Enjoy the video that will help you enhance your French!.

Lyrics: Body parts

French English
Bones, vous devez les avoir Bones, you must have them
Tu as deux mains et deux pieds You have two hands and two feet
Tu as deux jambes et un nez You have two legs and a nose
Tu as un ventre et un dos You have a belly (stomach) and a back
Et des muscles sous la peau And muscles underneath your skin
Tu as une tête et un cou You have a head and a neck
Deux oreilles et deux genoux Two ears and two knees
Tu as deux yeux et deux joues You have two eyes and two cheeks
Et une bouche qui mange tout, et And a mouth that eats everything and
Sous ta peau il y a des os Under your skin you have bones
Des petits et des gros Small bones and big ones
Des os, des os, il en faut Bones, bones, you must have them
C’est parce que tu as des os que … It’s because you have bones that …

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Les parties du corpsBody parts