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Bonjour à tous

Bonjour à tous

Singing is an amazing way to improve your language learning. “Bonjour à tous” is a beautiful song that can help children to learn and remember French vocabulary.

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Bonjour, bonjour à tous, (2)

Nous sommes heureux de vous retrouver

Nous sommes heureux de chanter

Bonjour Lena….


Un petit pouce qui danse (3)

ça suffit pour m’amuser

deux petits pouces qui dansent (3)

ça suffit pour m’amuser

Une petite main  qui danse (3)

ça suffit pour m’amuser

Hello, Hello everyone, (2)

We are happy to meet you

We are happy to sing

Hello Lena ….

A little dancing thumb (3)

that’s enough to have fun

two small dancing inches (3)

that’s enough to have fun

A little hand dancing (3)

that’s enough to have fun

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Bonjour à tous

Hello, Hello everyone, (2)We are happy to meet youWe are happy to singHello Lena ….A little dancing thumb (3)that’s enough to have funtwo small dancing inches (3)that’s enough to have funA little hand dancing (3)that’s enough to have fun

Good morning all

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