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Comprehension reading instruction helps you to develop the knowledge, skills, and experiences to become an enthusiastic reader. The more vocabulary words you know, the better you able to comprehend. A large vocabulary opens you up to a wider range of reading materials. So practice your French comprehension skills and register here in Reading Score how much you have learn so far.

Words are the currency of communication. A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication — listening, speaking, reading and writing. By having several words at your disposal for describing an event or emotion, you can be explicit when sharing your ideas and opinions. Vocabulary is the foundation for comprehension.

Reading Comprehension exercises

  1. Who is Mr. Brown – Test:
    Qui est Monsieur Brown – Test
  2. Mr. Brown’s Family – Test:
    La famille de Monsieur Brown – Test
  3. At Mr. Brown’s Office – Test:
    Au Bureau de M. Brown – Test
  4. In Mr. Brown’s living room – Test:
    Dans le salon de Monsieur Brown – Test
  1. The house – Test:
    La maison – Test
  2. Coco Chanel – Test:
    Coco Chanel – Test:
  3. Disney Characters – Test:
    Les personnages de Disney – Test
  4. A new career – Test:
    Une nouvelle carrière – Test
  5. French cheeses – Test:
    Les fromages français – Test

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