The Verb to have French Test

The verb to have french test

The Verb to have French Test

A test provides many benefits when you are learning a new language. It delivers results instantly and it is a motivator to study harder when you know your progress. Test yourself and practice the verb to have French test. If you are not familiar with the verb to have yet, please review it here: AVOIR au présent

The verb to have test 1

The verb to have test 2

In this test, you will 4 types of questions:

  1. Written questions: Please translate
  2. Matching questions: Please match the number with the appropriate letter
  3. Multiple choices: Choose the appropriate answer.
  4. True/False questions: Click whether is true or false.

At the end, you can check your answers and re-do the same test as many times as you need with random questions every time:

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The verb to have French test