Benefits of learning French

Benefits of learning French

Benefits of learning French

There are many benefits of learning French:

1.- French is, along with English, the language spoken on all five continents. So, you have significant advantages when you travel abroad and speak more than one language.

2.- Learning another language helps you to strengthen your problem-solving, reasoning and creative thinking skills, to develop your  understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.In adition,

3.- There are health benefits when you learn a language, specially after the age of 50. It increases the number of neural pathways in the brain and forging these new pathways helps you to have better focus, concentration and improve your memorization skills.

Please watch this video about the benefits of learning another language:

Besides that, if you live in Canada:

1.- French is widely used and accessible throughout Canada. It is the mother tongue of one Canadian in four.  In Canada, there are a large numbers of activities for the Francophone communities, French-speaking teachers and French-speaking parents. With French you will have the advantage of texts, references and library books prepared for the Francophone market in this country. But certainly the most important one, specially if you are interested to increase your job opportunities,

2.- People who speak several languages will increase their chances of finding a job, whether at home or abroad. Learning another language not only enriches our minds and opens up new horizons but boost us to both, higher personal and professional levels. That, certainly will increase your competitiveness in an increasingly global job market.

Please watch this video about the benefits of learning French in Canada:

If these reasons are not enough please check more reasons to learn French, in the following link:

Embassy of France in Wellington – 17 good reasons to learn French

Don’t waste more time and join French Circle Club, here are our group programs for Adults and Children:

1. Adult Beginner French Classes

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Please feel free to join the program that suits you or your child the most. Our French classes provide a structured and professional environment for: a) adults who want to learn french from the beginning  or that have an intermediate level and b) children that need to advance in their french skills during school time.

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