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À la ferme

À la ferme

Learn the vocabulary necessary to describe, In the farm(A la ferme) are on the farm as examples the cat, pig, sheep and others in French. Listen to their sounds in the educational flashcard of farm animals.

Some farm animals are wild but have been domesticated to help humans work like horses.



French English
1 Le chat court après la souris. 1 The cat is chasing the mouse.
2 Le chien dort au soleil. 2 The dog is sleeping in the sun.
3 Le cheval est dans l'écurie. 3 The horse is in the stable.
4 La vache donne du lait. 4 The cow gives milk.
5 Le cochon mange beaucoup! 5 The pig is eating a lot!
6 Les moutons sont dans le pré. 6 The sheep are in the pasture.
7 Le canard nage sur l'étang. 7 The duck is swimming on the pond.
8 La chèvre mange de l'herbe. 8 The goat is eating grass.

Flahscards - À la ferme:

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A la ferme

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