Sentences RE verbs Futur simple

Sentences RE verbs Futur simple

Sentences RE verbs Futur simple

Practice and learn French with these Sentences RE verbs futur simple. Review them and you will enhance and expand your French Vocabulary skills and grammar as well. Enjoy!


Grammar : Sentences RE verbs futur simple

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1. J’apprendrai à jouer de la guitare. 1. I’ll learn to play the guitar.
2. Tu entendras le chant des oiseaux. 2. You’ll hear the birds sing.
3. Il vendra ses vieux meubles. 3. He’ll sell his old furniture.
4. Elle répondra à ton message plus tard. 4. She’ll answer your message later.
5. Nous comprendrons enfin le problème. 5. We’ll finally understand the problem.
6. Vous promettrez de ne plus jamais mentir. 6. You’ll promise never to lie again.
7. Ils prendront des photos souvenirs. 7. They’ll take souvenir photos.
8. Elles boiront un verre de vin ce soir. 8. They’ll have a glass of wine tonight.
9. Je défendrai mes idées avec conviction. 9. I’ll defend my ideas with conviction.
10. Il attendra patiemment son tour. 10. He’ll wait patiently for his turn.

Sentences with RE verbs – Flashcards

You can also practice  these sentences with RE verbs future simple using the flashcards in the following Quizlet and then feel free to use the different options from Quizlet, such us match, learn, test or spell.

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