Les prepositions


Les Prépositions

Learn and practice French prepositions in this post: Les prepositions – French Grammar.  Prepositions (les prépositions) are small but essential words that link elements of a sentence together. They are placed after a verb, noun, or adjective in order to indicate the relationships between that word and the noun that follows. In French, there are simple prepositions (à, de, chez, etc.) as well as longer prepositional phrases (d’après, près de etc.).

Let’s begin with two important ones that we use most of the time: From and To. In French:

The Preposition “From”  can be:  DE – DU – DES – D’ 

de: city   de: Fem. country  du: Masc. country    des: Masc. and plu. country    d’: starting with vowel

The Preposition “ In / to ” can be :  À – EN – AU – AUX 

à: city         en: Fem. country  au: Masc. country    aux: Masc. and plural country 

More about the preposition “à” here:

The preposition “à”

Chanson – Les prépositions

Grammar : Prepositions

French English
à to/at/in/on
après after
avant before
avec with
chez at your place
contre against
dans in
de from
depuis since
derrière behind
dès soon
devant before
durant during
en in
entre between
envers to
hormis apart
malgré despite
jusqu’à up
par-dessus above
par-dessous from below
French English
outre – parmi – pendant apart – from – for
pour – sans – selon – suivant for – without – depending – next
sur – vers – vis-à-vis de on – to – vis-à-vis
Sont les prépositions les plus usuelles Are the most common prepositions

Les Prepositions – Flashcards

QUIZZ: Prepositions “to”  and “from” in present

Prepositions “to” and “from” in presentClick here to complete the test


QUIZZ: Prepositions “to”  and “from” in past tense

Prepositions “to” and “from” in past tenseClick here to complete the test

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