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Another 15 irregular verbs

Another 15 irregular verbs Here are another 15 irregular verbs in French. Learn and practice them and you will increase you French vocabulary. Enjoy!   Here are another 15 irregular French Verbs: French English Courrir Devenir Revenir Tenir Recevoir Apprendre Comprendre Lire Connaitre Mordre Prendre Souffrir Sourire Soutenir Vaincre to run to become to come...

French present participle-Grammar

French present participle

French present participle The French present participle (Le Participe présent), called le participe présent in French, is very similar in French and English. Present participle is the verb form that ends in -ant.It is far less common than its English counterpart, which ends in -ing. The present participle may be an adjective, gerund, noun, or...