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Claire cloue des clous dans le clair de lune

Claire cloue des clous dans le clair de lune Learn and practice French pronunciation with this tongue twister: Claire cloue des clous dans le clair de lune. Translation: Claire is nailing nails in the moonlight. Visit our website for more French Tongue twisters and pronunciation exercises.   Explanation of tongue twister: Translation: Claire cloue des...


French letter combinations practice

French letter combinations practice French pronunciation can be tricky, as words don’t always sound as they are spelled. Often, letters combine to produce unique sounds. In this post, “French Letter Combinations Practice”, you’ll explore specific French sounds formed by combinations of two or more letters pronounced together. These combinations can consist of two vowels, two...


OUBLIER Imparfait

OUBLIER Imparfait Learn and practice French with this conjugation “OUBLIER Imparfait”: The verb “To forget” is conjugated this way in Imperfect tense: J’oubliais, tu oubliais, il oubliait, elle oubliait, nous oubliions, vous oubliiez, ils oubliaient, elles oubliaient. Practice the verb “to forget” in Imparfait using Quizlet: Do you want to practice more French verbs in...


French drinks – dictation sentences

French drinks – dictation sentences Enhance your French listening, comprehension, and writing skills with our “French Drinks – Dictation Sentences”. This carefully crafted dictation using Drinks vocabulary provides you a valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and improve your proficiency. By working on this dictation, you’ll not only expand your vocabulary but also...


Capsule 22-Cercles de Conversation

Capsule 22-Cercles de Conversation In this post, titled “Capsule 22-Cercles de Conversation,” we present three familiar questions designed to aid in oral preparation for the DELF A2 exam. Whether you’re considering taking the exam or simply seeking to engage in casual conversation, these questions provide a straightforward framework for interaction. Feel free to use this...