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TOUSSER Futur simple

TOUSSER Futur simple Learn and practice french with this conjugation: TOUSSER Futur simple. The verb “To cough” is conjugated this way in Future Simple tense: Le verbe “Tousser Futur simple ” se conjugue de la façon suivante: Je tousserai, tu tousseras, il toussera, elle toussera, nous tousserons, vous tousserez, ils tousseront, elles tousseront. Practice this...


Capsule 16-Cercles de Conversation

Capsule 16-Cercles de Conversation In this post “Capsule 16-Cercles de Conversation” we offer you 3 familiar questions for oral preparation for DELF A1 in case you are thinking of passing this exam. You can use this capsule for interact with a person in a simple way by asking and answering these 3 simple questions Enjoy!...