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One of the best ways to get your daily dose of French is to read in French. Read articles, books, notes, news and any other texts that you enjoy.  You will improve your French reading comprehension a lot. In this post, you will discover great and free french readings to learn French for beginner and intermediate levels. Enjoy these French readings!


  1. Reading 01: Who is Mr. Brown?
    Lecture 01: Qui est Monsieur Brown?
  2. Reading 02: The family of Mr. Brown
    Lecture 02: La famille de Monsieur Brown
  3.  Reading 03: In Mr. Browns desk
    Lecture 03: Au bureau de Monsieur Brown
  4. Reading 04: In the living room of Mr. Brown
    Lecture 04: Dans le salon de Monsieur Brown
  5.  Reading 05: What a bad weather!
    Lecture 05: Quel Mauvais Temps!

6. Reading 06: What time is it?
Lecture 06: Quelle heure est-il?
7. Reading 07: The good French kitchen
Lecture 07: La bonne cuisine Française
8. Reading 08: The house
Lecture 08: La maison
9. Reading 09: A new career
Lecture 09: Une nouvelle carriere
10.Reading 10: The special autograph
Lecture 10: L'autographe spécial

Reading Comprehension exercises

  1. Who is Mr. Brown - Test:
    Qui est Monsieur Brown - Test
  2. Mr. Brown's Family - Test:
    La famille de Monsieur Brown - Test

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How can you learn these conversations better?

French Readings

French Readings



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