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 French Grammar

Looking for tips to accelerate your French learning? In this post we offer you several topics that will help you to understand french grammar. Learning grammar is always a difficult task. It often becomes tedious to memorise long lists of rules and verbs. We recommend to choose a topic to begin and find some time to come back to it again after doing the exercices. Let's go, simply select the topic that interest you the most.

 General Grammar topics Grammar related to verbs 
  1. Accents:
  2. Articles:
  3. Adjectives:
  4. Prepositions:
  5. Adverbs of time:
    Adverbes du temps
  6. Question words:
    Mots interrogatifs
  7.  The negative form:
    La forme négative
  8. Dr Mrs Vandertramp:
    Dr Mrs Vandertramp
  9. Past Participle:
    Les Participes Passés
  10. Present Participle:
    Le Participe présent
  1. Personal pronouns:
    Pronoms personnels
  2.  The verb to be:
    Le verbe être
  3. The verb to have:
    Le verbe avoir
  4. The verb to go:
    Le verbe aller
  5. The  verb to do:
    Le verbe faire
  6. To be - To have - To go - To do:
    Être Avoir Aller et Faire
  7. To be able to - To want - To must have to - To know:
    Pouvoir, Vouloir, Devoir et Savoir
  8. Most Common French Verbs
    Les verbes français les plus communs
  9. Irregular Verbs:
    Verbes irréguliers
  10. Verbes in ER:
    Verbes en ER
  11. Sentences with RE verbs:
    Sentences avec des verbes RE
  12. Sentences with ER verbs:
    Sentences avec verbes ER
  13. Sentences with IR verbs:
    Sentences avec verbes IR
  14. French Reflexive verbs:
    French Reflexive verbs


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