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Do you want to practice more French Conjugation?

Conjugation is very important to learn a new language because without good knowledge of how to conjugate our verbs we cannot understand others or express our own ideas. French Conjugation can be a real challenge, but you can expand your knowledge in many different ways. In this page we offer you different topics, with games and audios just to practice at your own pace and rhythm. Start learning and practicing French Conjugation by clicking in the information that interests you the most.

Learn how to conjugate french Verbs in different tenses.

French English Present Tense Past Tense Futuro Tense
Être to be  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Avoir  to have  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Faire  to do  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Aller  to go  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Manger  to eat  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Parler  to speak  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Jouer  to play  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Aimer  to love, like  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Travailler  to work  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Écouter  to listen  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Acheter  to buy  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Prendre  to take, catch  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Descendre  to go down  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Lire  to read  Present  Imparfait  Simple future
 Finir  to finish  Present  Imparfait  Simple future


Do you want to practice another Resource? Click on the image of your interest:

French Conjugation

French Conjugation

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