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Learn and practice french with this conjugation: JOUER Passé Composé. The verb “To play” is conjugated this way in Perfect tense:
Le verbe “JOUER Passé Composé” se conjugue de la façon suivante:

J’ai joué, tu as joué, il a joué, elle a joué, nous avons joué, vous avez joué, ils ont joué, elles ont joué.

To play – Passé composé



J’ai joué
Tu as joué
Il a joué
Elle a joué
Nous avons joué
Vous avez joué
Ils ont joué
Elles ont joué

I played
You played (sing.)
He played
She played
We played
You played (plur.)
They played (masc.)
They played (fem.)

Practice this verbs in Compound Tense using Quizlet:

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To learn the French conjugation, you have to be both rigorous and meticulous: since, among other things, you have to learn the endings of each verb tense for all verbs and memorize the irregular verbs.

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