SENTIR Passé Composé

SENTIR Passé Composé

SENTIR Passé Composé

Learn and practice French with this conjugation: SENTIR Passé Composé.
The verb “To feel” is conjugated this way in Perfect tense:
Le verbe “Sentir Passé Composé” se conjugue de la façon suivante:

J’ai senti, tu as senti, il a senti, elle a senti, nous avons senti, vous avez senti, ils ont senti, elles ont senti.

To feel – Perfect tense 

French English
J’ai senti I have felt
Tu as senti You have felt (sing.)
Il a senti He has felt
Elle a senti She has felt
Nous avons senti We have felt
Vous avez senti You have felt (plur.)
Ils ont senti They have felt (masc.)
Elles ont senti They have felt (fem.)

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To learn the French conjugation, you have to be both rigorous and meticulous: since, among other things, you have to learn the endings of each verb tense for all verbs and memorize the irregular verbs.