CUISINER Passé Composé

CUISINER Passé Composé

CUISINER Passé Composé

Learn and practice french with this conjugation: Cuisiner Passé Composé.
The verb “To cook” is conjugated this way in Perfect tense as following:

J’ai cuisiné, tu as cuisiné, il a cuisiné, elle a cuisiné, nous avons cuisiné, vous avez cuisiné, ils ont cuisiné, ellesont cuisiné.

To cook – Perfect tense

French English
J’ai cuisiné I cooked
Tu as cuisiné You cooked (sing.)
Il a cuisiné He cooked
Elle a cuisiné She cooked
Nous avons cuisiné We cooked
Vous avez cuisiné You cooked (plur.)
Ils ont cuisiné They cooked (masc.)
Elles ont cuisiné They cooked (fem.)

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To cook – Passé Composé

The tense passé composé is commonly used in French to talk about actions completed in the past. Learning this tense will help us in our daily conversations.