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Online Free French Tests

Online Free French Tests

Tests are important to learn a new language because they help you to practice and to test yourself.  Take our Online Free French Tests as many times as you need to and keep practicing. In this page we offer you different French test topics, with games and audios just to practice at your own pace and rhythm.  Learn and practice with our Online Free French Tests by clicking in the image that interest you the most. 


General topics

  1. The Days French Test
  2. The Months French Test
  3. The Family French Test
  4. Greetings French Test
  5. Places to go French Test
  6. The Countries French Test
  7. Telling the Time French Test
  8. Seasons French Test
  9. Food and Drinks French Test
  10. The Colours French Test
  11. Questions words French Test
  12. Questions personals French Test
  13. The Professions French Test
  14. The Sports French Test

Important dates

  1. Christmas French Test
  2. New Year French Test 

Verbs & Grammar

  1. The verb to have French Test
  2. The Verb to be French Test
  3. The Verb to do French Test
  4. The Verb to go French Test
  5. To can to want to be able to and to know French Test
  6. To be to have to go and to do French Test
  7. Past participles French Test


1.-Apprendre le français avec TV5 Monde
2.-Protected: Test your French

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How can your practice French better?

Test your French knowledge with these simple tests about different topics...

Online Free French Tests

Online Free French Tests

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