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Jour 1 practice

In this post: Jour 1 practice, you will learn and practice French through music. Using music as a great language learning strategy. Probably the biggest benefit to studying with music is that it helps you remember vocabulary. Songs and lyrics have a sticky factor. Even if you don’t intend to, they stay in your mind and don’t want to leave. Learn French Through Music and enjoy this song.



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Jour 1-Louane


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L’amour est bleu

In late 1967, French conductor Paul Mauriat conducted an easy listening instrumental version of the song that was a number one hit in the United States for five weeks, becoming the only hit by a French artist to top the American Billboard chart. Hot 100.3 This was the second instrumental song to have topped the chart for the longest time, below “Theme from ” A summer place ””, which was number one for nine weeks. Paul Mauriat’s version has appeared on several shows; He appeared repeatedly in the 1998 episode A Room with No View of the Millennium series, .5 in two episodes of The Simpsons series (There’s No Disgrace Like Home and The Blue and the Gray), and during the credits of the episode The Flood Mad Men, which takes place in April 1968 The song was also covered in Spanish by Lea Zafrani in 1967 as “My love is blue”, the following year by Raphael in the film El Golfo and later, in 1971, by Karina. Since then, it has been recorded by numerous artists, especially French conductor Paul Mauriat, whose instrumental version of the song became the only hit by a French artist to top the American Billboard Hot 100 chart.
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