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Sentences with RE verbs

Sentences with RE verbs

Learn and practice French with these Sentences with RE verbs.

Start reviewing the flashcards in the following Quizlet and then feel free to use the different options from Quizlet, such us match, learn, test or spell.


Sentences with RE verbs -  flashcards

Sentences with RE verbs -  list


Quelquefois je n'entends pas le téléphone

Quand mon portable sonne, je réponds vite

Quand je joue à la loterie, je perds toujours de l'argent

Mes parents attendent le taxi

Je descends au salon et je regarde le tennis à la grande télévision

Mais mon joueur favori perd le match


To hear
Sometimes I dont hear the telephone

To answer
When my cellphone rings, I answer fast

To lose
When I play the lottery, I always lose some money

To wait
My parents wait for the taxi

To go down
I go down to the living room and I watch tennis on the big television

To lose
But my favourite player loses the match

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